How to make art :
Step one. Take a pen
Step two. Be honest1

GALERÍA ANÓNIMA2 is launched in Madrid with the mission of showing the best Contemporary Art to Spanish society. This determination will compel us to build a bridge between two distant and generally mutually ignored shores. Only the field of art collecting has managed to create private bonds between the two sides.

The will to knock on the doors of civil society leads us to present a coherent and representative selection of open and honest Spanish artists with which to begin the dialogue between art and society that is so important for our project. However, that dialogue must be permanently referenced with art produced outside Spain. A significant part of the activities of SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA will be to feature foreign artists, curators and galleries.

As the collaboration of artists is essential to our initiative, we must work with those whose location and culture enable a smooth and natural collaboration. Europe is the realm in which SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA will develop its programme. This regional focus will not exclude dialogue among the different cultures of the world, which will be viewed with equality and fraternity, in the best European tradition.

SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA’s human team comprises an experienced multidisciplinary group capable of guaranteeing the correct artistic, entrepreneurial and promotional development of the project. We have excellent rapport with our colleagues and we are committed to jointly achieving greater recognition of contemporary art.

Madrid, julio de 2014.

  1. Anai Greog.
  2. Societé Anonyme Inc was an association constituted in 1920 by Katherine Dreier, together with Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, to promote contemporary art in the United States through conferences, publications and traveling exhibitions. It founded the first museum in the U.S.A. and one of the first in the world devoted entirely to modern art. The Société organized more than eighty exhibitions between 1920 and 1940, and thanks to its efforts artists such as Klee, Miró, Malevich and Schwitters were shown for the first time in the U.S.A. Therefore, to a certain extent, the Société carried on the tradition that had been initiated with Stieglitz’ 291 Gallery in the years before the Armory Show. It also created a permanent collection of modern painting and sculpture, most of which was bequeathed to Yale University in 1941. La Société ceased to exist in 1950. (Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Art and Architecture. ARTS4X.COM).
  3. In the framework of freedom, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA will recognize ethics and aesthetics as qualities of the artistic phenomenon in its social, commercial and environmental manifestations.